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Who We Are ?
Adma & Lee is a Power Supply Design solutions provider in Singapore. Founded in 2000 by an engineer with 30 years in Power Supply design experience with over 60 designs to his credit to Network, Telecom & PC, Medical Industry giants. Adma & Lee addresses all types of power conversion design needs, be it just writing a spec for circulation among power supply vendors or doing a complete custom design, or finishing up an in-house design that isn't done quite right. Since have a broad experience in the field of power electronics, we can choose the best circuitry and power conversion techniques for specific requirements. Our satisfied repeat customers include Shimadzu Asia Pacific, Matsushita, Sundaya, ST Engineering, Texas Instruments, Hewlett Packard and many others?
Why Adma & Lee?
Today, companies are constrained with shorter time span to market new products. The power supply circuits must also be developed in parallel with the product development, and in a very short period of time. This puts enormous constraints into the resources especially when the companies have to focus their attention on their core products instead of power supplies. Adma & Lee has all round expertise from “selecting the right circuits, conceptualizing it, doing paper design, layout, selecting the right component, doing the right transformer designs, PCB designs, assembling, testing etc. etc?until Safety approvals are done. Here, Adma & Lee' s expertise can ease the constraints of customer's resources by offering cost effective power supply design solution tailor made to suit the customer's needs so that they can concentrate on their core product designs.
What more?
In addition to power supply designs solutions, Adma & Lee offers Third Party design Testing and Evaluation services for all electronic products. This is especially useful for small companies where extensive testing methodologies have not been developed to test new products.
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